NIU-EEP registered participants could log-in with their assigned usernames and passwords to access the NIU-EEP community. Once, logged-on participants can click on any of the group topics and follow the threaded discussions, replying to posts or starting new threads if desired. New postings would be highlighted and all the postings could be received from the groups by email. Since the groups are web-based, members can check in as often as desired without ever losing a piece of the conversation.

For Non NIU-EEP Mentor Volunteers, in order to register:

  • Fill out a Mentor Profile, which asks for information on educational and professional backgrounds, hobbies, comfort in discussing common mentoring topics such as school decisions, academic career knowledge etc. and available times of day/week.
  • Once registered, she/he will receive an e-mail notice regarding the acceptance of the mentor volunteer position and could then log-on to the E-Forum for help start and build relationships with the mentees through academic discussions.
  • Volunteer mentors may hide their profile at any time if they do not wish to be available to be chosen. They may also edit their profiles at any time.