Combined outreach and mentoring programs for girl scouts

This project puts forth an alliance between the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (CEET) at Northern Illinois University (NIU), the Collegiate section of the Society of Women Engineers(SWE), Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Council and the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois to develop a program to introduce engineering to the Cadettes and the Senior Girl Scout members.

Saturday Workshops and Summer Camps

The Saturday Engineering Workshops and the summer camps have been designed for the Cadettes and the Senior Girl scout members. This program has been designed to increase the awareness, enthusiasm and excitement amongst the school age girls to explore and enjoy the field of engineering through hands-on activities, discussion forums and field trips rather than watching and listening.

One of the most innovative aspect, of this outreach effort is the establishing of the chain mentoring program that would connect the faculty and various women engineering professionals, the SWE undergraduate students, the Senior Girl Scouts and the Cadette Scout members.

By combining the personal and academic support for the school age girls with opportunities and incentives, this program seeks to establish a sustainable pathway through the girl scout organizations to the field of engineering.

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