2011-2012 NIU-EEP Program Comments from participants

"I am a kinetic learner, so it is much easier to learn with my hands than reading boringparagraphs"

"The hands-on activities at the workshops and camp were really fun and instead of justlearning about a concept we self-experienced ourselves through these activities"

"This camp and workshop makes learning science fun, with the hands-on activities we are ableto understand what we are being taught. Its very different from a textbook"

"I have always loved hands-on. It was so cool learning about turbines at the camp and moreexciting stuff at the workshops like fruit batteries, Alice Programming, Flashlights and Leanmanufacturing"

"I really liked the teamwork and getting to share ideas, experimenting with the flashlightdesigns and ways to make fruit batteries work with just juice. We had a blast learning together asa team and meeting girls who actually understood my passion for engineering"

From Advanced Level Participants about the workshops:

" What I liked most about the workshops was how much fun it was and how much I learned.I liked the computer program that made movies. The ones that were most beneficial to me werelearning about circuits"

"What I liked the most about the workshops were the challenges and the activities that weregiven. I enjoyed the LED bracelets the most. The flashlights were also very beneficial as I got tolearn how something I use on a daily basis worked"

"I enjoyed electronic bracelets because I liked to make bracelets and squishy circuits becauseyou can personalize the way it looks"

From HS and undergraduate and graduate mentors:

" Definitely this program has helped me make choices for my courses in my HS years. I havehad the opportunity to participate as a middle schooler and learn about the various fields ofengineering through speakers, experiments and activities. From being a mentor, I have gained alot of ledership skills and learning experience and I have learned a lot from collaboration withothers and teamwork"

"This program has absolutely influenced me to choose the proper courses during my HS years.Because of this program I was exposed to so many interesting concepts that I want to exploremore through my HS courses. Because this program helped me decide my career path, I canbetter decide what courses I would like to take leading to my career"

"Because of this program, I have grown an interes these past years in math and science fieldsof engineering and now I want to find a specific field of engineering to study"

"This program is an opportunity to encourage young women in choosing their career, guidingthem and acting as a role model for them. Helping them in problem solving and working onhands-on activities"