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Graduate Seminar Schedule

Spring 2017 Seminar Series (Econ798)

Seminars are scheduled for Wednesdays from Noon to 1:30 p.m. in DuSable Hall, Room 280 unless noted otherwise.

Please check this page often for updates to the schedule.


January 18


January 25

Xingtan Zhang

University of Pennsylvania "Efficient Bargaining Through a Broker"

January 27
(FRIDAY) - DU 246

Richard Condor University of Minnesota

"Measuring The Cost of U.S. Housing Policy"

February 3

Bong Geun Choi University of Chicago "What is the Social Trade-Off from Securitization?
A Tale of Financial Innovation."

February 10

Yaniv Ben-Ami Yale University "Banking Crises as Self-Defeating Prophecies" 

February 22

SeyedSoroosh Azizi Northern Illinois University 

"Why Do Migrants Remit?"

March 1

Donald Bruce University of Tennessee

"Flypaper or Attractive Recycling? The
of Defense 1033 Program and
Local Government 

March 8

Chigozi (Andy) Ngwaba Northern Illinois University "A Micro-Analysis of The Effects of Tax Reform
on Entrepreneurship"

March 15


March 22

Robert Kaestner University of California, Riverside "Effects of ACA Medicaid Expansions on Health
Insurance, Labor Supply and Financial Wellbeing."
March 24
(FRIDAY) - DU 176
Genuine Martin Northern Illinois University TBA
March 29 Jon Bakija Williams College TBA

April 5


April 12

Tammy Batson Northern Illinois University

April 19

April 26

ECONference Holmes Student Center - 
Regency Room  (12:00-7:00)

 May 3