Ph.D. Program

A person who has earned the doctorate in economics is qualified both to teach economics at the university level and to do original research in academe, government, and the private sector. The doctoral program in economics features a strong core of courses in theory and econometrics, and a focus on three applied fields: labor economics, public finance, and financial economics. Other optional fields may be approved by the department’s Director of Graduate Studies, subject to student demand and faculty availability.

All doctoral students must complete a minimum of 90 semester hours of graduate credit. Of these hours, a minimum of 60 semester hours must be from graduate course work that is approved by the department’s Director of Graduate Studies, and 30 hours may be from ECON 799, Doctoral Research and Dissertation. Doctoral students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00. This requirement applies to all graduate courses required on the student’s program of courses (excluding deficiency courses taken for graduate credit) as well as to all graduate course work taken at NIU. Transfer credit will be allowed at the discretion of the Department and the office of the Dean of the Graduate School, subject to the limitations described below.