Eliakim Katz, Professor

Professor Katz received his M.Sc. in Economics from London University and his Ph.D. in 1976, also from London University. Before coming to NIU, he was a professor of economics at York University, London University, Bar-Ilan University, and was a visiting scholar at Harvard University.

Curriculum Vita (pdf)

Area of Specialization: Microeconomics, Labor

Current Research: political economy, applied microeconomics, institutional economics, political aspects of corporate behavior, labor economics and nonprofit institutions

Selected Publications

  • "An Economic Theory of Volunteering," forthcoming, European Review of Political Economy, (with J. Rosenberg).
  • "On Human Capital Formation with Exit Options," 2005, Journal of Population Economics, 18:267-274 (with H. Rapoport).
  • "Property Rights, Theft, Amnesty and Efficiency," 2003, European Journal of Law and Economics (with J. Rosenberg).
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