Stephen Karlson, Associate Professor

Professor Karlson earned a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1980. Before joining the Northern Illinois University faculty in 1986 he taught at Wayne State University in Michigan. He has served as an environmental and energy policy scientist with Argonne National Laboratory and is currently director of the Office of Economic Education for Northern Illinois University and weblog manager for the Cold Spring Shops.

Current Research: Irreversible investments in heavy industry and problems of self-selection

Area of Specialization: Microeconomics, Industrial Organization

Other Areas of Interest: Model railroads, racing laser class sailboats

Selected Publications:

  • "Immigration Amnesties" (with Eliakim Katz) submitted to Applied Economics.
  • "Immigration Policies that Encourage Self-Selection by Legal and Illegal Immigrants" (with Eliakim Katz) submitted to Contemporary Economic Policy.
  • "Do Irreversible Investment Models Make Sense of the Energy Paradox" submitted to Energy Journal.
  • "A Positive Theory of Immigration Amnesties," Economics Letters, Vol. 78, 2003, pp. 231-239 (with E. Katz).
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