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Storage Administration

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NIU’s Division of Information Technology (DoIT) offers several options for cost-effective and secured storage, archives and backups to meet both group and individual data requirements. These storage solutions are available for primary, shared, archival and backup data using either the high-speed data center networks or the campus network. These solutions can be customized for different access methods as well as security and availability requirements.

Storage options include:

  • AnywhereFiles using Windows DFS shares for students and Novell Filr for faculty and staff that enable access to a mapped H: drive with 5GB of file space;
  • backups centrally managed and routinely performed using EMC NetWorker with EMC Data Domain as the backup target, data retention for 2 months with data restores available;
  • high-performance server storage with a Storage Area Network (SAN) using a dedicated fiber-optic network in DoIT’s data centers; and
  • shared drives and folders accessible via Network Attached Storage (NAS) which uses dedicated file-level storage servers behind the enterprise firewalls to provide faster and easier access;

NIU also provides individual, cloud-based document sharing for faculty, staff and students via Microsoft's OneDrive for Business, accessible to desktops and mobile devices. Features include: 

  • 1TB of cloud storage with a 10GB maximum file size;
  • secured storage for the most sensitive data, including FERPA, HIPAA and PCI data; and
  • access files with web browsers, mobile devices or directly from Microsoft Office desktop applications.

Option Rate Request
Network Attached Storage for shared drives and folders
1-59GB NAS $12/GByear Email
60-109GB NAS $540/year
110GB-249GB $990/year
250GB-499GB NAS $1,800/year
500GB-999GB NAS $3,000/year
1TB NAS $4,800/year