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Research and Artistry

Research and Artistry is an annual internal grant program intended to support faculty research, scholarship, and creative activities.  Applications are due in the fall and awards are made in the spring.  The process is competitive and all applications are externally reviewed.  (If the deadline for this year has passed, please consider applying next year.) 

Research & Artistry Awards 2015-2016
Northern Illinois University

Proposals are invited from NIU faculty to support research and artistry activities in all academic areas. This support reflects the University’s commitment to investing resources in faculty research, scholarly and creative activities. In 2015-16, proposals will be accepted in three categories: Opportunity Grants, Facilitation Grants, and Completion Grants. 

The Research and Artistry Executive Council emphasizes research and artistry support for beginning faculty, but also provides funds to support tenured faculty as well.  Proposal development, evaluation procedures, timelines, and eligibility requirements are provided separately for Opportunity, Facilitation, and Completion Grants (see category description and links to each RFP below).

All proposals will be reviewed by one or more external reviewers (reviewer nominations to be provided by the applicant) who will provide information on the intellectual merit of the proposal, on the applicant’s qualifications to carry out the proposed work, and the extent to which funding, if provided, would benefit the applicant.  The Research and Artistry Executive Council evaluates the scores and reviewer comments and makes recommendations for funding.   

Applications are due by Monday, October 19, 2015.  Applications are submitted on line, no hard copy of the documents required.  Please review each category below and click the category to open the RFP specific to each grant.  Applicants are encouraged to read our FAQ page for information.  All other questions may be directed to the office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation Partnerships at

Research and Artistry Grant Categories and Request for Proposals:

Opportunity Grants: The Opportunity Grant mechanism supports research, and scholarly and creative activities with the potential to attract future external funding. Applicants may propose investing in the success of an established program, as well as supporting new projects through funding for a pilot project, establishing or enhancing partnerships, or for other activities that significantly advance the University’s scholarly enterprise.

Facilitation Grants: The Facilitation Grant mechanism facilitates high quality research, and scholarly and creative activities by faculty members working in areas where extramural support for such endeavors is extremely limited. Generally, these areas may include, but are not limited to, the visual and performing arts, the humanities, and multidisciplinary efforts in the social sciences that have humanistic content and employ humanistic methods.

Completion Grants: The Completion Grant mechanism provides funding to faculty who require additional support to complete an active research, creative, or scholarly project of professional significance. There must be a discrete outcome or deliverable targeted in the application. Moreover, the identified goal must be achievable within the scope of the proposed budget and time-line. Preference will be given to externally supported projects that demonstrate the need for additional funding to complete an identified deliverable.