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Policies and Regulations

NIU policies

  • Policies and Procedures Pertaining to Activities Involving the Use of Animals
  • Animal Welfare Assurance A3166-01
    Northern Illinois University has the responsibility to maintain the highest possible quality research and to provide for the humane care and treatment of animals used in teaching, testing and research projects conducted at this institution, or under the direction of any employee or agent of this institution, whether funded or not and regardless of source of funding. NIU's Animal Welfare Assurance A3166-01 is filed every 3 years with the U.S. Public Health Service.
  • NIU Occupational Health Program

Federal regulations

NIU policies

Protocols involving physical activity and exercise

All IRB applications for protocols involving physical activity and exercise need to provide sufficient information so IRB members can determine risk and understand precautions taken by researchers to protect subjects. Please refer to the guidance provided in the link below to help you complete your IRB application:

Guidelines for protocols involving physical activity and exercise

Recruitment materials

All materials aimed at recruiting subjects into a research study (including the final copy of printed advertisements, scripts, audio or video tapes, or websites) must be reviewed and approved by the IRB prior to use.

Guidance on writing recruitment materials

Research Involving Deception

Research may sometimes use deception if truthful disclosure is considered likely to produce biased responses by the subject. However, this means that the subjects are not giving fully informed consent prior to beginning their participation. Researchers using deception have additional responsibilities to the subjects, such as debriefing following participation.

Guidelines for the Use of Deception

Support services

DeKalb area counseling support services for research participants (if appropriate to the protocol)

Counseling Resources in DeKalb (suggested referral list)

Use of Compensation/Incentives

Research subjects may receive incentives or compensation for their participation. However, the level of compensation should not be so high as to cause a prospective subject to accept risks that he or she would not accept in the absence of the compensation. This same principle would apply to compensation offered to parents whose children are prospective subjects. Information about any compensation should be included in subject recruitment materials and informed consent/parental permission/assent forms. Compensation should not be described as a benefit of the study.

The University will not reimburse purchases of gift cards to be used for compensation in research.

Guidance on NIU Controller’s policy regarding incentives/compensation