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Controlled Substances

Many substances that are used for legitimate research purposes may otherwise be illegal. These substances are regulated by the Federal Controlled Substance Act and enforced the by Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The state of Illinois has further elaborated on this policy with their own Illinois Controlled Substance Act.

Northern Illinois University maintains strict compliance with federal and state guidelines regarding controlled substances. Our policy and procedures outline these regulations and what researchers must do to remain compliant.

Working with Controlled Substances

The DEA requires that all employees with access to controlled substances as a result of his or her status as an employee or agent of a DEA registrant complete a screening process to assess the likelihood of an employee committing a drug security breach. It is the responsibility of the Registrant to have all of these employees complete the NIU Authorized User Screening Questionnaire. They must maintain a copy themselves and send the original to Shannon Stoker.

Disposal of Controlled Substances

All disposals of controlled substances must be coordinated through ORCIS. Please contact Shannon Stoker to schedule disposal. In the event the amount is too large to personally destroy ORCIS will support the research community with shipment to a disposal facility.

Ordering Controlled Substances 

Registrants are also responsible for maintaining DEA Form 222. More information about the requirements of this form is included in NIU's Controlled Substance Policy and Procedures.

Inventory of Controlled Substances

An inventory of controlled substances is also required. An annual inventory is recommended, but a bi-annual inventory is required. ORCIS has created a Sample Inventory for Registrants.  

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If you think these regulations currently apply to you and have not been contacted, or if you have any further questions, please contact Shannon Stoker, Acting Director ORCIS ( or 753-2882).

Acting Director
& Research Integrity Officer

Shannon Stoker
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