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Dist 428-NIU Partnership

Wright students

Wright Elementary School

NIU and DeKalb District 428 operate K-5 partnership school


Wright ElementaryStudents at Wright come from all over the district, bringing a diverse mix of academic preparedness and ethnic backgrounds that mirror the typical student body at any other district school. Likewise, the school budget, teaching staff and other resources match those around the district.

The difference between Wright Elementary and other schools is the involvement of NIU faculty, staff and students in every aspect of school life. On-site faculty liaisons, dedicated classrooms for NIU courses and continuous advice and support from one of the nation’s leading public universities are what makes this school special.for education students and faculty.

For NIU students and faculty, Wright is a living classroom where innovative teaching techniques can be studied and mastered. For District 428, the partnership school provides a way to “fast-track” new ideas that benefit the whole district. And for about 250 children ages 5 to 11, Wright Elementary is simply “their school” – a place to learn, play and grow.

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