Northern Illinois University

Dist 428-NIU Partnership

Shared Resources

District 428 and NIU have enjoyed a collegial relationship of long standing. Following is a sampling of current areas of collaboration:

Basic Subjects

  • Reading readiness surveys and early intervention to assist in learning to read
  • America Reads program and book clubs
  • The Big Read - To Kill a Mockingbird activities in 2008
  • ESL-bilingual school reorganization
  • Bilingual tutoring by NIU students
  • Grant-funded projects in mathematics, sciences, and the fine arts

Improvement of Teaching

  • Professional Development Schools (PDS) at Wright and Chesebro
  • Clinical observations by NIU students
  • Student teaching by NIU students
  • Credit and non-credit courses for District 428 educators
  • Middle school training for teachers
  • Master's cohorts in biology and elementary education

Special Services

  • Pre-school screening programs
  • Speech, hearing, and language disorders diagnosis and treatment
  • Free services for hearing-impaired students


  • High speed broadband network linking schools in DeKalb and Malta to Internet 2
  • New telephone switch, resulting in lower costs and better security
  • Hardware, software, and technology liaison at Malta Elementary
  • Training for use of technology in classwork
  • Training in use of student test data in the IIRC to improve student performance

Facilities and Equipment

  • Sharing of athletic facilities for tennis, track and field, and other sports


  • Affirmative action and diversity activities
  • Joint purchasing to reduce costs