Northern Illinois University

Dist 428-NIU Partnership

DHS/NIU Partnership Design Team


  1. Design a partnership planning and development process that includes a broad representation of DHS, NIU, and the community
    a.     Develop a process to gather information and input on an ongoing basis
    b.     Collect information on alternatives to current practices
    c.     Seek additional resources to support partnership planning and development
    d.     Generate a timeline for a process that begins in 4/08 and ends in 8/30/11
  2. Direct, monitor, and participate in the planning process
  3. Report to the Partnership Governance Committee on a regular basis.

Team Members

DHS: Roger Scott; NIU: Susan Callahan

DHS: Stacy Bjorkman, Kari Cremascoli, Amy Crook, Chad Gregory, Lindsey Hall, Jennie Hueber, Cindy Lofthouse, Mary Miller, Doug Moeller, Steve Ode, Jessica Stewart

NIU: Marilyn Bellert, Paulette Bowman, Kristin Brynteson, Christine Malecki, Judy Pokorny, Sharon Smaldino

STAR Tutoring


Restructuring Documents

  • DHS Restructuring Plan