Northern Illinois University

Dist 428-NIU Partnership

DHS/NIU Partnership Pre-Service Committee


District 428 and NIU are developing a partnership high school that will achieve national recognition for the following accomplishments:

  1. World-class student achievement that includes academics, activities, and citizenship.
  2. Rigorous curriculum that matches expectations of higher education and the workplace.
  3. Superior preparation of pre-service teachers whose skills match the needs of today’s classrooms, including proficiency in skills for improving achievement of low-achieving students
  4. Excellence in professional learning that supports DHS and NIU faculty in their pursuit of globally competitive student achievement. 
  5. Joint research and co-teaching by DHS and NIU faculty.


Develop a field experience that is uniquely suited to the DHS/NIU professional development school.

  • Explore a variety of models for field experiences and student teaching.
  • Develop hands-on field experiences that immerse students in the high school culture, community and curriculum.

Provide two-way professional development to provide up-to-date knowledge of current K-12 programs and initiatives and to infuse new ideas, methods and strategies into teaching and learning.

Coordinate with multiple NIU departments to assess and revise (as needed) the teacher preparation curriculum.

Develop procedures for meaningful participation for DeKalb High School faculty in the preparation and development of future teachers.

Provide professional development in mentoring and instructional coaching.

Work together to define goals and expectations for field experiences and student teaching.

Work together to outline competencies and dispositions required of teacher candidates for participation in field experiences and student teaching.

Co-Chairs & Members


DHS: Linsey Hall  NIU: Judy Pokorny



  • COE: Lee Shumow, Rhonda Robinson, Tris Ottolino 
  • HHS: Sally Conklin
  • LAS: Kate Maley, J. D. Bowers, Judy Pokorny, Jenny Parker
  • VPA: Glenda Cosenza
  • P-20: Kristin Brynteson, Paulette Bowman

DHS: Dianne Drennan, Amy Barnes, Judy Stafstrom, Chad Gregory, Sara Jenings, Jennie Hueber, Vicky Erwin

Meetings & Materials

Committee Reports