Northern Illinois University

Dist 428-NIU Partnership

DHS/NIU Partnership National Model Committee


District 428 and NIU are developing a partnership high school that will achieve national recognition for the following accomplishments:

  1. World-class student achievement that includes academics, activities, and citizenship.
  2. Rigorous curriculum that matches expectations of higher education and the workplace.
  3. Superior preparation of pre-service teachers whose skills match the needs of today’s classrooms, including proficiency in skills for improving achievement of low-achieving students. 
  4. Excellence in professional learning that supports DHS and NIU faculty in their pursuit of globally competitive student achievement. 
  5. Joint research and co-teaching by DHS and NIU faculty.


Implement communications strategies that facilitate development of the partnership through timely information for all stakeholders

  • Develop a comprehensive communications plan that addresses needs of committees, students and educators, and the general public
  • Maintain a flow of current information for planners and the public
  • Offer electronic tools to expedite committee work
  • Monitor and report partnership progress toward goals

Provide appreciation and inspiration for partnership planners

  • Deliver well-deserved recognition visible at the local level
  • Organize opportunities for regional, state and national recognition through presentations at strategically-selected conferences, professional organizations, publication opportunities, etc.
  • Help enhance a positive image for DHS, NIU, and the partnership

Expand the impact of the partnership beyond the two institutions

  • Bring valuable external ideas and resources into the partnership
  • Communicate frequently and openly with local community groups
  • Establish a national reputation for effective innovations

Co-Chairs & Members     


DHS:  Kari Cremascoli; NIU: Marilyn Bellert



  • Administration and University Outreach: Marilyn Bellert
  • University Relations: Mark McGowan

DHS:  Roger Scott, Fred Heuschel, Kevin Beverly, Jennie Hueber

Meetings & Materials

Committee Reports