Northern Illinois University

Dist 428-NIU Partnership

DHS/NIU Partnership Audit Committee

District 428 and NIU are developing a partnership high school that will achieve national recognition for the following accomplishments:

  1. World-class student achievement that includes academics, activities, and citizenship.
  2. Rigorous curriculum that matches expectations of higher education and the workplace.
  3. Superior preparation of pre-service teachers whose skills match the needs of today’s classrooms, including proficiency in skills for improving achievement of low-achieving students. 
  4. Excellence in professional learning that supports DHS and NIU faculty in their pursuit of globally competitive student achievement. 
  5. Joint research and co-teaching by DHS and NIU faculty.


  • Monitor and report on the progress of the development of the DHS-NIU PDS and ongoing outcomes in accordance with the NCATE PDS standards.
  • Review standards rubric and document current evidence of outcomes and determine measurable evidence for achievement based on PDS standards rubric
  • Define and document annual audit process
  • Assemble and train external audit team members for annual audits
  • Work with external audit team members to conduct annual PDS audit
  • Provide guidance to other committees on needed actions based on audit reports

Chair & Members


NIU: Kristin Brynteson


NIU: Sharon Smaldino

DHS: Lindsey Hall, Jennie Hueber, Doug Moeller

Meeting Dates