Northern Illinois University

Dist 428-NIU Partnership

Planning & Projected Outcomes


Planners have created a three-phase implementation. Year One (2008-09) has a focus on language and literacy in English and Spanish, including an afterschool program that offers Spanish as a foreign language. Year Two (2009-10) branches into math, bilingualism and best practices for lesson delivery, design and differentiation for diverse and English language learners.

Year Three (2010-11) adds a dual-language component: One class that enrolls both English and Spanish speakers will journey from kindergarten through fifth-grade together and receive instruction in both languages. It is expected that all of those students will become bilingual, and parents who want their English-speaking children to learn Spanish can volunteer to place them in the dual-language class.

Projected Outcomes

  • Chesebro students will develop language, literacy and mathematical fluency, become positive contributors to the learning community and play active roles in their own learning and assessment.
  • Families will be honored for their diversity and connection to learning.
  • Teachers and NIU interns will become knowledgeable in teaching diverse students, immersed in best practice for English language learners and versed in providing different instruction to students with different learning needs.
  • All of Chesebro learning community students, parents, staff and NIU will participate in Spanish thematic reading activities in mixed groups of Spanish and English speakers.