How to Change or Update Directory Information

  1. Log in to the Directory   login
  2. Click "Make a Process Request" in the left navigation

     Make a Process Request

  3. Click Continue

    Choose Accounts from the dropdown menu

  4. Select the Resource to change. Note: Change Google Password is applicable only to students.  

    choose the Resource to change

  5. Input the Resource change information and then click Submit.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you change your current alias, it CANNOT be reused or recovered by anyone (including yourself) for one year. Upon changing your alias, all incoming e-mails still using your old alias will not be delivered. Those undelivered e-mails will not be recoverable by any means.

Faculty and Staff

Log in to the Directory to update/change:

  • Directory Title
  • E-Mail Alias
  • E-Mail Address
  • Office Address
  • Office Telephone Number

Note: Retirees - You can use your e-mail alias from your employee account on your retiree account.

Complete the Human Resources Personal Data/Name Address form to update/change:

  • Name
  • Home Address
  • Home Phone Number


Log in to the Directory to update/change:

Log in to MyNIU (Self Service > Campus Personal Information) to update/change:  

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Emergency Contact
  • Address
  • Privacy Settings


Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings are used to control what information is publicly disclosed.

Disclosure of Directory Information

When an entry in the on-line directory is suppressed, the only information that is publicly available is the alias field and the e-mail field (if available). This means that:

  • A search for you by name will return no match.
  • A search for you by alias will return the email field (if available).

*NOTE: If you request FERPA suppression, you may also want to change your on-line directory default alias since the alias is based on your first name initial and your last name.