Research Lab

Interested in working in Dr. Demaray's Research Lab?

Getting involved in research as an undergraduate is an excellent opportunity for students to become familiar with the field of psychology, develop fundamental research and applies skills, gain valuable knowledge of the tools and methodology used in psychological research and prepare students for graduate school! Any undergraduate who is interested in gaining experience in these areas is encouraged to contact Dr. Demaray and apply.

What is Independent Study (Psyc 485) and How Does It Work?

Northern Illinois University offers it’s student the unique and invaluable opportunity to work directly with individual professors. Student’s are encouraged to inquire about the interests of different faculty members and decide who they would be interested in working with. Student’s can then contact those professors and see if they would be willing to take on an undergraduate student for the following semester. If you are interested in working in Dr. Demaray’s research lab, please contact her.

Each undergraduate student is expected to work in the lab for three hours per credit hour that they are enrolled. For example, a student taking 3 credit hours would be expected to be in the lab for 9 hours each week. While the responsibilities of each undergraduate vary, some of the duties expected may include reading articles related to the current research projects in the lab, collecting survey data, administering measurements and entering data. This is an excellent way to gain a more comprehensive understanding of research and the field of psychology in a more applied setting.