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Indigenous Feminism
Brownbag lunch with Gina Adams
Tuesday, February 20
Reavis 103, Feminist Self Space
Indigenous feminism is an intersectional theory and practice of feminism that focuses on decolonization and indigenous sovereignty. The focus is upon empowering indigenous women in the context of indigenous cultural values and priorities, rather than mainstream, white, patriarchal ones. These frameworks are born out of a discovery of the limitation of second-wave feminism in regards to the history and experiences of indigenous women and developed out of a need to prioritize issues faced by indigenous women due to their race, ethnicity, and cultural differences.

Its Honor is Hereby Pledged: Broken Treaty Quilts
Gina Adams
Tuesday, February 20
Pick Museum of Anthropology
Sewing together injustice with an object of comfort stirs deep emotion. For I, as all people of Native American descent, have carried around a heart-wrenching history, a burden and a loss. Now I choose to weave that over-arching sadness into a source of tremendous comfort. I am taking the burden of the broken treaty placing it on top of the work of the original Colonists. Putting the words of the Broken Treaty on quilt subjects the Colonists to the truth; and forces them to experience their own unhooked treaties.

Never a Small Project: Dutch Museums as Models for Gender Diversity and Community Engagement
Brownbag with Dr. Amy Levin
Wednesday, March 7
Reavis 103, Feminist Self Space

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