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Southeast Asia Publications is the imprint for Northern Illinois University's Center for Southeast Asian Studies, with  a 40-year publishing record and more than 70 publications. We produce Thai, Burmese, and Vietnamese language texts that are widely used nationally and internationally. We invite readers and authors to take part in our two peer-reviewed journals, Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies and, in cooperation with the Center for Burma Studies, The Journal of Burma Studies. We invite submissions for our NIU Monograph Series on Southeast Asia, which focuses on longer scholarly works. Check out our various publications. Let us know what you think.        The Editor 


 New Releases


The Limits of Kinship: South Vietnamese Households 1954-1975. By David W. Haines.
Using a variety of census and survey material, The Limits of Kinship draws a portrait of family, kinship, and household in southern Vietnam during the tumultuous period between the end of the French Indochina War and the fall of Saigon. Haines also explores how the southern Vietnamese experience can be compared to earlier historical periods and to contemporary conditions in southern and northern Vietnam and among Vietnamese overseas. NIU Monograph Series on Southeast Asia No. 7, 2006. 331 pp.

ISBN 1-891134-28-0 Softcover $28.00 + shipping


Võ Phiến and the Sadness of Exile. By John C. Schafer.
In this first book-length study in English of a modern Vietnamese writer, Schafer introduces readers to Võ Phiến, one of the most respected writers in the Vietnamese diaspora. Schafer examines in detail Võ Phiến’s extensive writings and analyzes their intimate relationship to Vietnamese culture, historical events, and the dislocating effects of exile. NIU Monograph Series on Southeast Asia No. 8, 2006. 367 pp.
ISBN 1-891134-29-9 Softcover $28.00 + shipping

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   Recent Releases  


Southeast Asia: Crossroads of the World, 2nd edition. By Clark Neher.

This newly revised introductory text for high school and undergraduate students is also useful background reading for upper-division courses and for individuals new to the study of Southeast Asia. It provides an introduction to the history, culture, and politics of the individual Southeast Asian countries and of the region as a whole. NIU Monograph Series on Southeast Asia No. 2, 2004. 206 pp.
ISBN 1-891134-06-X Softcover $18.00 + shipping



Vietnamese Voices: Gender and Identity in the Vietnamese Francophone Novel. By Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen.

Vietnamese Voices provides a detailed account of French colonialism and its demise on an impressive number of Francophone Vietnamese writers. The author illuminates the divergent ways in which male and female writers negotiate the complexities of their rich and difficult multiple cultural heritages. NIU Monograph Series on Southeast Asia No. 6, 2003. 239 pp.
ISBN 1-891134-26-4 Softcover $20.00 + shipping

Read Anne-Marie Medcalf's review of Vietnamese Voices: Gender and Identity in the Vietnamese Franophone Novel in the journal  Intersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context.





Crossroads,  Volume 17 Number 2, 2006

This issue of Crossroads features five peer-reviewed articles covering Thai politics under Thaksin Shinawatra (Paul Chambers); modern variations of traditional molam music in northeastern Thailand (Pattana Kitiarsa); the Great Depression in Southeast Asia (Loh Kah Seng); Indonesian short stories (Julie Shackford-Bradley); and the politics of living space in urban Malaysia (Seng Guan Yeoh). The issue also includes reviews of recent works by these following authors and editors: Robert Cribb, Peter G. Riddell, Bob S. Hadiwinata, John T. Sidel, K.H. Wionzek, Thomas M. McKenna, Lou Yongxian, Andrew Turton, Joan Acocella, Ruth McVey, Maurizio Peleggi, Dusadee Swangviboonpong.
ISSN 0741-2037 $16.00 + shipping

Journal of Burma Studies, Volume 9 2004

The Journal of Burma Studies is the only scholarly journal in the world to publish exclusively on research and writing about Burma. This issue features a special collection of articles devoted to the late Burmese scholar U Pe Maung Tin. Authors include Anna Allott, Allan Saw U, Denise Bernot, U Tun Aung Chain, Tilman Frasch, Jacques Laider, and Patricia Herbert.

ISSN 1094-799 $16.00 + shipping.




Crossroads, Volume 18 Number 1, 2006

This issue features a centerpiece essay by Robert Wessing, “A Community of Spirits: People, Ancestors and Nature Spirits in Java,” and five companion commentaries.
ISSN 0741-2037 $16.00 + shipping

The Middle Mekong River Basin: Studies in Tai History and Culture. Edited by Constance M. Wilson.

NIU Monograph Series on Southeast Asia, No. 9, 2007.
ISBN and price TBA.