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Established in 1983, Crossroads is a peer-reviewed journal which draws together a scholarly community of authors, reviewers, and readers from around the world.


Readers can subscribe to the journal on an annual basis and/or purchase individual back copies. We invite submissions from researchers on all Southeast Asia topics for potential publication in the journal.

In conjunction with the publishing community, Crossroads also maintains a book review program, through which readers may review complementary copies of recent publications on Southeast Asia.

We welcome researchers to make use of our online listings of current and past articles, abstracts of articles, and book reviews.




An annual subscription to Crossroads is priced at $25.00/individual and $35.00/institution. Back issues are available as follows: Volumes 1-9 (1983-1995) $12, except Vol. 8, No.2 (1994) $18.00. Volumes 10-17 (1996-2003) $16.00. Add $10 per volume for airmail. Please see our ordering information for payment options.  


Here is what Southeast Asian experts have to say about Crossroads:


"Crossroads consistently provides well-researched, well-written, and occasionally provocative articles on a great range of Southeast Asian subjects." Susan Kepner, University of California, Berkeley


"Crossroads provides readers with an interdisciplinary cross-section of solid scholarship." Barbara Watson Andaya, University of Hawai'i


"In the 1990s, Crossroads has established a strong reputation as a site for presenting stimulating new work and promoting a diversity of views arising from direct experience of Southeast Asian life and materials." Keith Taylor, Cornell University


"Crossroads has become indispensable for the specialist on Southeast Asia." Clark Neher, Northern Illinois University


"Crossroads is a dynamic and developing journal. The breadth of interesting material makes it a must for a wide range of scholars and libraries." Leedom Lefferts, Drew University