Special Reports

Our Special Reports Series was published from 1964 to 1994. Books in print are listed here in descending order by publication number.

bookthumbThe 1969 General Elections in Thailand  
Chan Ansuchote
1-877979-53-8      44 pages    1970

This study of the 1969 general elections in Thailand examines the preparations made for the elections, the creation of political parties and subsequent campaigning, the conduct of the elections, and the election results

bookthumbStudies in Borneo Societies: Social Process and Anthropological Explanation  
G.N. Appell
1-877979-62-7      158 pages    1976

An anthropological study of Borneo social life and customs

bookthumbA Thematic History of Indonesian Poetry: 1920-1974  
Harry Aveling
1-877979-59-7      90 pages    1974

This monograph examines the specific themes―recurrent incidents, devices and formulas, as well as these and doctrines―used by different groups of Indonesian poets. It also discusses changing domination of these themes

bookthumbAn Introduction to the Thai Poem Lilit Phra Law (The Story of King Law)  
Robert J . Bickner
1-877979-75-9   $17.00   254 pages    1991

The ancient Thai poem entitled Lilit Phra Law holds a position of great importance in the literary heritage of Thailand. Countless Thai students have read it, and many can cite parts of it from memory. Despite the enduring popularity of the story, those who composed the poem are frequently criticized for seeming flaws in their poetic forms. There is a curious dichotomy of opinion among modern scholars who have studied the classics: the ancient poets are appreciated for their skill and storytelling, but they are also criticized for the imagined limits of that skill. This study addresses the curious dichotomy in modern treatments of this ancient work by examining the text Lilit Phra Law and the verse forms used to create it, as well as the criticism made of it by contemporary scholars, especially from the point of view of linguistic analysis

bookthumbThe Poetics of the Ramakian  
Theodora Helene Boffman
1-877979-71-6   $17.00   258 pages    1984

An introduction to the classic Thai epic poem, the Ramakian, including detailed analysis of the poem's structure. Also includes a highly readable translation of the section in which Hanuman goes to Lanka

bookthumbDecisions Against Nature: An Anthropological Study of Agriculture in Northern Thailand  
Michael M . Calavan
1-877979-65-1      216 pages    1977

This monograph is concerned with description of a village in the Chiang Mai plain of northern Thailand. Specifically, it describes and explains limited aspects of long term agricultural processes. The key question is: Given the existence of an already dense population which is raising wet rice, what are the processes by which crucial decisions are made, and what do these tell us about wet rice agriculture as an "adaptive strategy?"

bookthumbCourting Poetry in Laos: A Textual and Linguistic Analysis  
Carol J . Compton
1-877979-68-6      257 pages    1979

This monograph presents a description (including the full text of a performance) of one form of Laotian oral literature called lam which has been highly developed by the folk singers of Laos. The reader is also provided with insight into and understanding of the ways in which these Laotian singers (mohlam) develop and present the sung poetry which is the major component of their performances

bookthumbA Preliminary Study of Malay/Indonesian Orthography  
David H. de Queljoe
1-877979-52-X      91 pages    1969

Any meaningful system of spelling has to be based on the phonetics of the language. So, too, must it be rooted in the cultural background of the native speakers of the language. This study reflects such considerations as they apply with respect to the Malay and Indonesian spelling systems. Also it briefly examine these spelling systems, particularly with respect to the 1967 Proposals of the Malaysian and Indonesian Spelling Committees concerning a common orthography for Malay and Indonesian

bookthumbA Preliminary Study of Some Phonetic Features of Pentani, with Glossaries  
David H. de Queljoe
1-877979-55-4      114 pages    1971

This study deals with a variety of phonetic features of the Pētani speech, as represented in a limited number of disyllabic simple words. It also includes suggestions for a Romanized spelling of these words

bookthumbPhilippine Rural Education: An Anthropological Perceptive  
Douglas E. Foley
1-877979-62-5      114 pages    1976

The purpose of this monograph is to explore the role of rural Philippine schools and their teachers in the complex process of nation building and modernization. Philippine society and its educational institutions historically have been characterized as variations of the American model of a progressive, western parliamentary democracy. Scholars who compare Southeast Asian colonial development and educational policies usually emphasize America's greater commitment to mass education and universal literacy. Many such investigations neither adequately conceptualize schooling systems as sociocultural institutions nor collect extensive field data on the daily life in schools. Guided by this concern, I have tried to develop a descriptive model of schools as a sociocultural institution for this field study. The following thoughts on how formal education is related to the sociocultrual evolution of nation states guided this ethnographic description of Philippine schools

bookthumbThe Thai Resistance Movement During the Second World War  
John B. Haseman
1-877979-67-8      192 pages    1978

This monograph examines a little known aspect of guerrilla operations during World War II. The anti-Japanese resistance movement in Thailand has been largely overlooked in American histories of World War II. This study examines the Thai resistance movement and its contributions to the Thai during its short four year history. It covers the formation of the resistance movement in the United States, England, and Thailand; the difficulties of communication and coordination during its early years; the organization of the fully established resistance movement; and the support and assistance provided to the Thai by English and American intelligence agencies

bookthumbA Maternal Religion: The Role of Women in Tetum Myth and Ritual  
David Hicks
1-877979-72-4      146 pages    1984

This study describes the various ritual and mythological ways women―both explicitly and implicitly―dominate men among the Tetum of eastern Indonesia. This dominance is not absolute--men play decisive roles in ritual and appear as influential characters in myth―but the religious life of the Tetum revolves around females

bookthumbInterest Groups and Political Linkage in Indonesia, 1800-1965  
Dwight Y. King
1-877979-70-8      192 pages    1982

This monograph provides a societal-level explanation for developments in organized group life in Indonesia from about 1800 to 1965. It also brings a large portion of the scholarly literature on organized group life in Indonesia to bear on several hypotheses of general interest to political sociology and to theories of modernization and social change

bookthumbKu Daeng—Thirty Years Later: A Village Study in Northern Thailand, 1954-1984  
Konrad Kingshill
1-877979-76-7   $20.00   314 pages    1991

The fourth edition of a study begun in 1953-54 and updated with new field data every ten years, Kingshill's volume contains valuable material on Northern Thai village life, rituals, and beliefs. Ku Daeng--Thirty Years Later is the first of the four editions to be published outside Thailand and is the most comprehensive of the three updates

bookthumbSouthern Tagalog Voting, 1946-1963: Political Behavior in a Philippine Region  
Carl H. Landé
1-877979-57-0      160 pages    1973

This monograph consists of four parts. Part One presents eight general hypotheses concerning Philippine politics tested in this study. Part Two contains the results of a study of aggregate election data from the various towns of the nine provinces of the southern Tagalog region for the years 1946-63, and of corresponding census data from the census of 1960. Part Three describes the results of a more detailed study of 1,745 ballots cast in ten precincts in Laguna province. Part Four returns to the eight general hypotheses and draws together those findings contained in Parts Two and Three that tend to confirm or invalidate them

bookthumbPolitical Regime and Public Policy in the Philippines: A Comparison of Bacolod and Iloilo Cities  
Howard Leichter
1-877979-61-9      163 pages    1975

Investigates the entire range of policy activity in these cities of the Panay and Negros islands just prior to the Marcos period. A good basis for comparison with contemporary patterns

bookthumbCultural Pluralism in Malaysia: Polity, Military, Mass Media, Education, Religion and Social Class  
John A . Lent
1-877979-64-3      114 pages    1977

This monograph presents an analysis of the current impact of changing institutions on the evolving patters of cultural pluralism and social class formation in Malaysia. The particular institutions examined include the polity, military, mass media, religion and education

bookthumbSocial Relations in a Philippine Town  
Robert J . Morais
1-877979-69-4   $13.00   151 pages    1981

Describes the cognitive, affective, and behavioral content of real and ritual kinship ties, friendship, patron-client bonds, dyadic ties based on debts of gratitude, and market exchange relationships in a small provincial town in Luzon. Stresses the interweaving and mutual definition, and redefinition, of these relationships

bookthumbMonks, Merit, and Motivation: Buddhism and National Development in Thailand  
J. A. Niels Mulder
1-877979-51-1      58 pages    1961

The primary purpose of this report is to investigate the motivational qualities of Buddhism in rural Thailand. Buddhism and the Order of Buddhist Monks (Sangha) are analyzed with respect to programs of rural development and national integration. In the first chapter the concept of merit (bun) as the central motivational and cognitive element of Theravada Buddhism is investigated. The other chapters deal with an analysis of the Monks' position in society and an evaluation of their role as extension agents fro national policies of integration and development

bookthumbRural Thai Government: The Politics of the Budgetary Process  
Clark Neher
1-877979-54-6      63 pages    1969

This essay concerns the dominant group of Northern Thai and the officials and institutions that directly and indirectly affect their lives. More specifically, this essay focuses on the rural Thai political process with particular emphasis on the politics of the rural budgetary process

bookthumbMeaningful Tone: A Study of Tonal Morphology in Compounds, Form Classes, and Expressive Phrases in White Hmông  
Martha Ratliff
1-877979-77-5   $20.00   275 pages    1992

The significance of this book is twofold. First, it makes a contribution to our understanding of a language that has become important to many Westerners since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 and the subsequent arrival of tens of thousands of Hmông refugees to the United States. Prior to this time, only two dictionaries and one grammar by missionary linguists existed for White Hmông. Since the arrival of the Hmông refugees, linguists have started to take the task of describing the language seriously. The publication of this major study of Hmông language will bring multiple benefits: to students of Hmông, students of the Southeast Asian linguistic area and language history, and to students of the nature of human language. Second, it corrects the mistaken notion that Asian tone languages do not use tone for grammatical purposes as do African tone languages

bookthumbThe Ancestral Lords: Gender, Descent, and Spirits in a Northern Thai Village  
Michael R. Rhum
1-877979-79-1   $19.00   202 pages    1994

Addresses the question of how bilateral kinship co-exists with cults of matrilineal ancestral spirits throughout Northern Thailand. Includes ethnographic descriptions of the Northern Thai (Yuan) kinship system, a Northern Thai village, the institutions and rituals pertaining to the guardian spirits, and the structural relationship of the matrilineal cult complex to indigenous concepts of space and to local Buddhist institutions. Issues of gender and kinship are also addressed throughout the volume

bookthumbThe Dynamics of Development in Rural Thailand  
Herbert J . Rubin
1-877979-57-9      158 pages    1974

This monograph analyzes the processes and problems of rural development in Northern Thailand. An understanding of rural development problems requires an intimate knowledge of the structure of the rural bureaucracy and the Thai village together with an awareness of the psychological factors influencing villager-official contact. After the rural bureaucracy and the political organization of the village in North Thailand are described, a model of villager-official interaction is presented. In this model various cultural and institutional theories of Thai behavior are integrated into a more general level theory. It is demonstrated that rural development cannot be understood solely from the perspective of the villager or the official. Both groups have images of each other and of their own roles consistent with Thai attitudes towards authority, hierarchy and paternalism. Such images make salient certain bureaucratic problems that seriously hider development

bookthumbSoutheast Asia: A Cultural Study Through Celebration  
Phil Scanlon, Jr
1-877979-73-2   $17.00   185 pages    1985

This book is a guide to the festive life and major public holidays of the nations of Southeast Asia. It is an introduction to popular celebrations as they are encountered by the average visitor to the region, and as they are practiced and enjoyed by Southeast Asians themselves. Discussion includes the origins of each observance and the traditions and practices associated with it. Countries covered include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, and the Philippines

bookthumbThe Dutch in Seventeenth Century Thailand  
George Vinal Smith
1-877979-66-X   $15.00   133 pages    1977

A history of a western trading company in Thailand from a political, social, and economic perspective

bookthumbPhilippine Urbanization: The Politics of Public and Private Property in Greater Manila  
Richard L. Stone
1-877979-56-2      149 pages    1973

This monograph presents an analysis of certain aspects of the legal systems of the Philippines. Essentially, it is about the rules for breaking other rules. Spanish and American occupations influenced but did not supplant the indigenous system; the result is an unusually complicated Filipino legal situation. More than on "legal" system exists in the Philippines. At the formal level, there are the Civil Codes and various subordinate municipal ordinances. Quite apart from this system is another unwritten system that, in many ways, is more influential in regulating daily behavior

bookthumbVariation in Central Javanese Gamelan Music: Dynamics of a Steady State  
Anderson R. Sutton
1-877979-78-3   $27.00   295 pages    1993

Moving beyond a simple and occidental sense of "a variation on a theme," Variation in Central Javanese Gamelan Music: Dynamics of a Steady State is a comprehensive, analytical study of Javanese gamelan music by the noted ethnomusicologist R. Anderson Sutton. Sutton defines gamelan as "a generic term for instrumental ensembles consisting predominantly of percussion instruments (knobbed gongs, metal-keyed instruments, and drums)." It is also a music that is thoroughly and indigenously Javanese and, as Sutton eloquently demonstrates, the music that best captures, if not actually mirrors, the Javanese psyche and the Javanese notion of variation within a steady state

bookthumbPhilippine Studies: Geography, Archaeology, Psychology, and Literature: Present Knowledge and Research Trends  
Fredrick Wernstedt
1-877979-60-0      104 pages    1974

Based on papers presented at the 1973 Chicago conference of the Association for Asian Studies. The chapters focus on three major issues of the Post-World War II period. First, what is the general state of knowledge about the Philippines and Filipinos? Second, what are recommendations for important future research projects necessary to fill the gaps earlier described? Third, what are some basic bibliographical references for the Philippines? The selected annotated bibliographies provide the reader with sources that expand the general findings and conclusions of the various chapters

bookthumbThe Soul of Ambiguity: The Tiger in Southeast Asia  
Robert Wessing
1-877979-74-0   $15.00   148 pages    1986

Drawing on library research and on fieldwork in Sumatra and Java, The Soul of Ambiguity examines beliefs and symbolism of the tiger throughout Southeast Asia. Special concentration on Indonesia and Malaya