Occasional Papers

Resettlement of Indochinese Refugees in the United StatesResettlement of Indochinese Refugees in the United States  
Lawrence F. Ashmun
1-877979-10-4      207 pages    1983

Includes 1,037 listings for printed materials published from April 1975 to the end of 1981 on the US resettlement of Cambodian, Chinese, Hmông, Lao, Thai Dam, and Vietnamese refugees from Indochina. The annotated listings include materials on acculturation, patterns of adjustment, health, diseases, culture, customs, housing, bilingual education, mental health, counseling, nutrition, and social services

Irrigation in the Heartland of BurmaIrrigation in the Heartland of Burma: foundations of the Pre-Colonial Burmese State  
Michael Aung-Thwin
1-877979-15-5   $10.00   76 pages    1990

Since the last two centuries of the first millennium BC, except for a short span of sixty years, the pre-colonial state in Burma has been centered in the dry zone of Upper Burma. The basis of this state was agrarian, yet little has been written on its economic wherewithal. Instead, scholars have tended to focus their attention on the state's political, legal, religious, cultural, and administrative structures and institutions. This study attempts to fill this crucial gap. In part, it highlights a major theme in pre-colonial Burmese history--"dry-zone paramountcy"--which was the result of state-run irrigation works constructed in six critical regions of central Burma, most of them existing before the 15th century AD. This volume contains a unique and valuable set of maps to illustrate the areas discussed above.

Papers on Tai Languages, Linguistics, and LiteraturesPapers on Tai Languages, Linguistics, and Literatures  
Carol J . Compton John F. Hartman
1-877979-16-3   $27.00   302 pages    1992

Twenty-one scholars from Australia, Canada, China, Thailand, and the United States have contributed to this unique collection of articles on Tai languages, linguistics, and literature. The book is organized into four major sections: Tai Linguistics, Phonology, Syntax and Semantics, and Linguistics and Literature. The research produced is a reflection of the profound influence Emeritus Professor William J. Gedney has had on the field of Tai and Sino-Tibetan linguistics

Language, Literature, and SocietyLanguage, Literature, and Society: Working Papers from the 1973 Conference of American Council of Teachers of Uncommonly-Taught Asian Languages  
David W. Dellinger
1-877979-01-5      82 pages    1974

This volume is a collection of papers presented at the second annual meeting in Boston of the American council of Teachers of Uncommonly-Taught Asian Languages (ACTUAL)

Lisu ReligionLisu Religion  
Paul E. Durrenberger
1-877979-13-9   $10.00   44 pages    1989

Focuses mostly on the curing rituals and disease etiology of this upland people of mainland Southeast Asia. Includes discussions of case histories, causes of illness, soul and spirit hierarchies, ritual specialists, the nature of offenses against spirits, and the relationships of all these to other elements of Lisu society and culture

Thailand: An Annotated Bibliography of BibliographiesThailand: An Annotated Bibliography of Bibliographies  
Donn V. Hart
1-877979-05-8      100 pages    1977

A monograph of 204 bibliographies on Thailand

Philippine Studies: History, Sociology, Mass Media and BibliographyPhilippine Studies: History, Sociology, Mass Media and Bibliography  
Donn V. Hart
1-877979-06-6      406 pages    1978

Five section headings include: Philippine Historiography: Accomplishment and Promise, 1955-1976, The Development of Philippine Sociology, Mass Communications Research in the Philippines, Philippine Bibliography: Its Past History and Current State, Philippine National Bibliography: Present Trends and Future Prospects

Philippine Studies: Political Science, Economics, and LinguisticsPhilippine Studies: Political Science, Economics, and Linguistics  
Donn V. Hart
1-877979-08-2      290 pages    1981

Three section headings include: Philippine Politics: Research 1960-1980, Areas for Future Exploration, Philippine Economics: Development and Major Issues, Philippine Linguistics: The State of the Art, 1970-1980

An Annotated Bibliography of Philippine BibliographiesAn Annotated Bibliography of Philippine Bibliographies  
Donn V. Hart
1-877979-04-X      160 pages    1974

This publications continues the tradition established by two Philippine material bibliographers, Charles Houston and Shiro Saito. This bibliography supplements the work of these two scholars with entries published from 1965 to 1974. No subject matter restrictions are imposed on the selection. A few non-bibliographical titles are included (e.g. directories of Philippine libraries, etc.) when these publications were judged useful to researches working in the Philippines. All but several entries have been annotated

Loggers, Monks, Students, and Entrepreneurs: Four Essays on ThailandLoggers, Monks, Students, and Entrepreneurs: Four Essays on Thailand  
Bryan Hunsaker Theodore Mayer Barbara Griffiths Roberts Dayley
1-877979-18-X   $15.00   130 pages    1996

This volume includes studies of the history and politics of lumber production, the political role of vocational students in the 1970s, recent developments in Thai Buddhism, and national and provincial business associations

Urbanization in ThailandUrbanization in Thailand  
Ronald L. Krannich Herbert J . Rubin Pratya J .. Vesarach Chakrapand J ... Wongburanavart
1-877979-02-3      113 pages    1974

Essay titles include: The City and Its Relation to the Thai Socio-Cultural System: A Research Perspective, The Construction Firm as a Middleman: toward a Conceptual Category of Thai Urban Development, Urbanization in Thailand: A Bibliographical Essay, and a Bibliography of Thai materials on urbanization in Thailand

Malaysian Studies: Present Knowledge and Research TrendsMalaysian Studies: Present Knowledge and Research Trends  
John A . Lent
1-877979-07-4      446 pages    1979

This monograph is an overview of the state of Malaysian studies as a field of research. It includes chapters on sociology, anthropology, political science, mass communications, education, and doctoral research

Malaysian Studies: Archaeology, Historiography, Geography, and BibliographyMalaysian Studies: Archaeology, Historiography, Geography, and Bibliography  
John A . Lent K. A .. Mulliner
1-877979-11-2   $18.00   240 pages    1985

Intended to provide a great deal of information in summary form on the disciplines of archaeology, history, geography, and bibliography as these pertain to Malaysia

The Condition of Southeast Asian Studies in the United States: 1972The Condition of Southeast Asian Studies in the United States: 1972  
Gerald S. Marynov
1-877979-03-1      68 pages    1972

An overview of Southeast Asian Studies programs in the United States circa 1972

Ethnicity and Ethnic Relations in MalaysiaEthnicity and Ethnic Relations in Malaysia  
Lee Raymond
1-877979-12-0   $10.00   183 pages    1986

This collection of papers provides the reader with a notion of the making of Malaysian society in historical and contemporary contexts

Ritual, Power, and Economy: Upland-Lowland Contrasts in Mainland Southeast AsiaRitual, Power, and Economy: Upland-Lowland Contrasts in Mainland Southeast Asia  
Susan Russell
1-877979-14-7   $13.00   143 pages    1989

Five case studies on the role of ideology, ritual practices, and economics in patterning mainland Southeast Asian societies. Articles discuss the Tai, Shan, Chin, Kachin, Lisu, and Ao Naga

Women of Southeast Asia, Revised EditionWomen of Southeast Asia, Revised Edition  
Penny Van Esterik
1-877979-17-1   $19.00   260 pages    1996

A classic collection of eight exceptional essays, written by leading scholars of Thai, Malay, Javanese, and Philippine studies, which investigate these extraordinary women. Van Esterik's work fills in gaps of feminist and Southeast Asian scholarship and is a central reference work for any library specializing in these fields. The revised edition adds an extensive new bibliography and a preface which assesses recent scholarly trends

Women of Southeast AsiaWomen of Southeast Asia  
Penny Van Esterik
1-877979-09-0   $19.00   279 pages    1982

First edition of Penny Van Esterik's Women of Southeast Asia
Revised edition published in 1996