General Resources

  • Hello Southeast Asia! (website)
    A quick interactive introduction to nine Southeast Asian languages for language students, teachers and travelers. Developed at Northern Illinois University by Prof. John Hartmann (project leader) and Nay Yan Oo (web developer), 2014.
  • WITNESS (website)
    WITNESS is an international nonprofit organization that has been using the power of video and storytelling for 20 years to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses. It was co-founded in 1992 by musician and human rights advocate Peter Gabriel, Human Rights First and the Reebok Human Rights Foundation.
  • Avian Influenza Resources (PDF)
    Website resources on the Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) in Southeast Asia and beyond
  • Cambodia Resources (PDF)
    Web site resources on Cambodian Genocide
  • Books about Southeast Asia for Teaching Undergraduates (PDF)
    Suggested books for teaching SE Asia to undergraduates
  • Current Issues in Southeast Asia - videos (PDF)
    List of on-line videos from
  • Southeast Asia Map Collection (website) 
    NIU University Libraries Special Collection of maps of the Pacific Islands
  • Southeast Asia Map Resources (PDF)
    Web site resources on Southeast Asia maps
  • Tsunami Resources (PDF)
    Web site resources on December 26, 2004 Tsunami in Southeast Asia
  • Teaching Activities for Southeast Asia (on-line)
    Crossroads of the World textbook
  • Islam in Southeast Asia Resources (PDF)
    Web site resources on Islam and Islam in Southeast Asia
  • Political Map of Southeast Asia; Physical Map of Southeast Asia (PDFs)
    Current political and physical maps of Southeast Asia from the The World Factbook (CIA)
  • Southeast Asia Digital Library (website)
    The Southeast Asia Digital Library is new online resource created to provide free access to archives of textual, still image, sound, and video resources, covering both historical and current information from Southeast Asia. The project is a consortium of institutions from around the world and is administered by Northern Illinois University Libraries, which also houses and maintains the digital library.
  • Southeast Asia Picture Database
    Picture database for Southeast Asia from SEAsite, Northern Illinois University
  • SEAsite (NIU website)
    Extensive  website with interactive learning resources for Southeast Asian languages, literatures, and cultures developed by faculty and students from the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University.
  • Center for Burma Studies Collections On-line (NIU)
    On-line collections of art and artifacts housed with the Center for Burma studies at Northern Illinois University.
  • NIU World Music Instrument Collection (website)
    Features pictures and audio examples of instruments and ensembles from Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.
  • Mekong River Project
    Radio Free Asia series on the Mekong River which addresses climate change and melting glaciers, urbanization and industrialization, the decline of forests and fisheries, and finally the development of China’s dams and control over water flow, as seen by ordinary citizens—from nomadic herders and fishermen—as well as regional experts and analysts. RFA’s videographers traveled for nearly 3,000 miles along the Mekong River from Tibet to Vietnam and the South China Sea.
  • Lao Oral History Archive
    This project developed by the Center for Lao Studies documents the stories of Lao refugees in the US through audio and video media.