Spring 2015 Lecture Series 


►All lectures take place Fridays at 12 noon in Room 110 (Honors office), Campus Life Building, unless otherwise noted (see listings below).

►All lectures are free and open to the public.

There will be no Southeast Asian lunch provided until further notice. The Center is looking for someone (not a student or NIU staff member) to provide a simple SEA lunch for ten Friday lectures this semester. Orders are made online and paid for at the lecture (cash or checks only). If interested, please email CSEAS at cseas@niu.edu or call Office Manager Rita Miller at 753-1771. 

►All are welcome to bring a lunch and beverage if not ordering a lunch.

Friday, January 30

Trude Jacobsen, History, Northern Illinois University

Lecture title: Misogyny, Malice and Male Privilege in Cambodia: Translating the Cbpab Srei (c. 1800)

Friday, February 6

Scott Hanley, MA candidate, History, Northern Illinois University

Lecture title: A New Order Epidemic: Popular and Professional Responses towards 'Lifestyle Diseases' in Suharto's Indonesia

Friday, February 13

Al McCoy, History, University of Wisconsin-Madison  

Lecture title: Policing the Imperial Periphery: The Philippine-American War and the Rise of the U.S. Surveillance State

Friday, February 20

Anne Hansen, History and Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lecture title: TBA

Friday,February 27

Kathleen Adams, Anthropology, Loyola University (Chicago)

Lecture title: Toraja Families, Funerals and Facebook: Re-Imag(in)ing an Indonesian 'House-based Society' in Transnational Times

Friday, March 6

Francesca Pase, MSEd candidate, Educational Psychology, Northern Illinois University

Lecture title: I'm Sorry for the Mistakes I'm about to Make

Friday, March 20

Kosal Path, Political Science, Brooklyn University

Lecture title: The Khmer Rouge Practice of Thought Reform in Cambodia, 1975-78

Friday, April 3

          Susan Russell, Anthropology, Northern Illinois University  

          Lecture title: Clan Politics and Crime: Challenges for the Bangsamoro Region's Transition to a Post-Conflict Zone

Friday, April 10

Scott Abel, PhD candidate, History, Northern Illinois University

Lecture title: Pracy, Warfare, the Decline of the Malay Seafarer, and the Straits Settlements, 1825-75

Friday, April 17

Sarah Shair-Rosenfield, Political Science, Arizona State University

Lecture title: Beyond Gender Quotas: The Multifaceted Impact of Electoral Reforms on Female Political Representation in Indonesia

Friday, April 24

Penny Edwards, History, UC-Berkeley

Lecture: Exile of the Myngun Prince of Burma


Weekly lecture series ends April 24.