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  • Distance Burmese: Learn Burmese from anywhere in the world with Burmese language professor Tharaphi Than's distance Burmese class through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences' External Programming Department. This non-credit beginning Burmese course is designed for business professionals and community college students. Class is limited to 15. Module 1 runs Thursdays from Aug. 31-Nov. 2. Learn more here

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SEAS 225: Southeast Asia: Crossroads of the World (3 credits)

SPRING 2016:
TTh 12:30–1:45 PM
McMurry Hall auditorium
Instructor: Eric Jones

Description: Interdisciplinary introduction to the varied cultures of Southeast Asia. Examination of the linkage of Southeast Asian art, music, dance, literature, and architecture with other segments of  Buddhist, Islamic, Christian, and animistic societies of the region.  This course can be counted toward the SEAS minor course requirements and the interdisciplinary general education requirement.

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