Graduate Concentration
in Southeast Asian Studies

Since the Center for Southeast Asian Studies is not a degree-granting unit, all graduate degrees are obtained through departments, whose special requirements must be met. A student earning a graduate degree may, with the consent of the departmental advisor, also take a concentration of courses in Southeast Asian studies. Completion of the concentration will be noted on the student's transcript.

The specific Southeast Asian courses which the student is permitted to take as part of the concentration requirements are selected in consultation with the departmental advisor. Departments currently participating are anthropology, art, English (TESOL), foreign languages and literatures, geography, history, music, political science and sociology. Students in the M.B.A. program may also pursue this concentration. All other departments are also eligible to participate after approval by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies.


Graduate SEA studies students: Prof. Eric Jones, Interim Assistant Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies.

Courses and degree requirements