Mental Health Resources


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of services? Most services are free to enrolled students at NIU, but we do charge a fee for the completion of certain services such as our substance use education program. We also charge a $25 fee for missed appointments that are not cancelled or rescheduled in advance.
  • Who are the therapists at CCS? Meet our staff
  • Can I attend counseling as many times as I want? CCS uses a short-term model of individual counseling, since many concerns can be addressed in a certain number of sessions or over the course of a semester. This also allows us to provide counseling support to as many students as possible. We do not have session limits for group counseling so you can attend for as many semesters as you and the group facilitators think this would be helpful.
  • Does anyone else have to know about me coming to counseling? Counseling is confidential, meaning we cannot talk to anyone about your status as a client without your verbal or written permission. However, therapists do have a legal and ethical obligation to make sure their clients and others are safe. If a client is assessed to be in immediate danger of harming herself/himself or others, then it is the therapist’s responsibility to take steps to prevent harm and this may include informing others about potential risks. Therapists are also mandated to report cases of child abuse and elder abuse to the proper state agencies.
  • How do I go about setting up an appointment to see a counselor? Complete an initial consultation appointment
  • Does CCS prescribe psychiatric medication? CCS therapists cannot prescribe medication, but we can discuss how medication may benefit you based on your specific needs, answer general questions and concerns, and help you identify the medication resources that are available to you (e.g. meeting with a psychiatrist or physician).
  • I am not a student at NIU. Am I allowed to use your services? Unfortunately, we do not have the resources available to provide services to non-NIU students. Only students who are currently enrolled at NIU are eligible for CCS services.