Off-Campus Housing

Welcome to the Off-Campus housing section of our Web site. Our office does not find or place students in off-campus housing units; we do, however, provide relevant information necessary for students to successfully find off-campus living options.

"Curious how much it costs to live off-campus?"

Cost Analysis for 1 student with  a 1-bedroom Apartment

Cost Analysis for 2 students with a 2-bedroom Apartment

Housing Policies and Procedures

The following forms are for students needing to apply to be released from their housing contract and for those who wish to commute from home.  

Requests to Be Released from Hall Contract is for students who wish to move out of the residence halls for reasons of marriage, exceptional causes, Greek membership, etc.

Application to Commute is for freshmen who wish to commute from home as opposed to living in the residence halls.

Local Apartment Search Engines

Northern Star Housing Guide

The Northern Star provides a complete Housing Guide with all of the local apartment complexes available for rent. This listing includes all relevant information necessary to help to make the apartment search as easy as possible. It is broken down by rent, bathrooms, bedrooms, and distance from campus.

NIU Pads.Com

A comprehensive search engine of local apartment complexes complete with location map to help students find out what is available in real time in the area. The site includes the ability to search by rent, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

For additional assistance searching for apartments feel free to contact our office at 815-753-9999 or at