Featured Adult Learner

Gabriela Arriaga

 Gabriela Arriaga

Previous Studies: Waubonsee Community College

Current Studies: Bachelor of Science in Physics; Professional 
and Mathematics Minor 

Gabriela Arriaga is a motivated, high energy student. She has seven siblings and like them, was home-schooled. Following her strong inclination toward the sciences, she attended Waubonsee Community College at an early age before transferring to NIU were she enthusiastically pursues a degree in physics with a minor in mathematics.

Gabby has completed/worked on many research projects and hopes to have work published for the first time, by the end of this or next year; which is very rare in an undergraduate career. Her example proves that you should never consider yourself too young to provide a professional, influential voice in your field. Gabriela facilitates tutor and study groups for select physics courses and has earned high esteem by her professors and college administrators. She has hopes of travelling abroad in the near future and attending a PhD program (she is hoping for Harvard!) after graduation.

Gabby has a passion for the culinary arts and frequently experiments with new foods. She enjoys sharing her cooking with friends and family, or even random strangers. Her favorite culinary challenges are soups and homemade pastas, but doesn’t shy away from any cuisine.

Advice for fellow students: “Work hard, but set aside time for fun. Don’t be afraid to try new things.” 

Personal Motto: “Be courageous. Go out, explore, and have fun!”

Gabby was given the 2014 Eli Whitney Award of Excellence at the annual April Student Association Awards Ceremony. The Eli Whitney Award recognizes outstanding non-traditional students on the NIU Campus.