Parking at NIU

It is the same story on any campus you go to: convenient parking is a valuable commodity that is often hard to come by. However, by following a few helpful hints, you too can successfully park on campus and get to your class on time.

  1. Get yourself a copy of the Parking Regulations pamphlet and keep it in your car. These pamphlets can be found at Parking Services or Off-Campus & Non-Traditional Student Services.
  2. Check the Huskie Bus schedule for routes and times.
  3. Come to campus early. Don't wait until the last minute to get to campus.  Allow yourself enough time to check out 1-2 alternative parking locations, catch a bus to the area of campus where you need to be, and spend some time relaxing before class.  There are several classroom buildings that have lounge areas, as well as the Holmes Student Center and Off-Campus & Non-Traditional Student Services.
  4. Check our website for more hints and little known information below.

Parking Resources

Our office has compiled an informative list of parking tips for your benefit. Check them out - Parking Tips

Did you know that you can rent a bike from Parking Services through the "Borrow A Bike" Program?

Do you have parking tips worth sharing? Send them to us at

Department of Parking Services

NIU issues a variety of parking permit types, depending on the specific needs category a student falls into. The greatest attempt possible is made to ensure every student is using the correct parking passes to allow ease in parking. This particularly applies to Yellow and Brown permits, which on-campus students desire because of the nearness to class buildings. Students using improper colored passes will be cited, and can be arrested, per regulations posted on the Department's Web site. If you are having difficulty finding a parking spot and/or are finding you are repeatedly late to class, please try some of the following tips:

  1. Leave early, especially during the first few weeks of the semester, during midterms, and finals week, as the highest class attendances occur during these weeks.
  2. Use a remote parking lot, planning this into your time schedule. You will find that doing this will reduce the stress of parking, and will leave your vehicle less likely to receive dents and door dings, which occur more often in more populated parking areas.
  3. Carpool, and encourage other commuters to car pool as well! The fewer cars that need to be parked, the easier and closer spots cars will find. Visit our Carpool Connections page to learn more and join the growing trend. Save money, make friends!