Student-Parent Resources

Child Developmental Lab

The Child Development Lab is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and has three mixed-age classrooms: two infant/toddler classrooms for children between the ages of six weeks and three years, and one preschool classroom for children between the ages of three and seven years.

The Child Developmental Lab is a developmental based program which uses Emergent Curriculum. Their curriculum fosters the development of the whole child including language, cognitive, emotional, social, and physical domains.

  • Address: Northern Illinois University, Child Developmental Laboratory, Gabel 169-170, DeKalb, Il 60115
  • Phone: 815-753-1150
  • Fax: 815-752-0023
  • Website: Child Developmental Lab

Campus Changing Stations

Find out where to change your baby on campus by viewing NIU's Campus Changing Stations Map.

Campus Lactation Stations

NIU offers several lactation stations on campus, including the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center (located at 105 Normal Road), the cubby area in the first floor bathroom in the Holmes Student Center, and the infant room in Campus Child Care (this is only available for students who have children enrolled at Campus Child Care). Our office also has a refrigerator where milk can be stored (023J, basement of the Holmes Student Center).

Register to enroll your children in the DeKalb School District and Sycamore Community Schools

Are you moving into Dekalb, Sycamore, or a nearby community and want to enroll your children into school? The following link will provide you with a listing of all schools within the DeKalb School District and Sycamore Community Schools along with the most current registration information.

District 428 DeKalb          Elementary Boundary Map          

District 427 Sycamore      For more information on local schools and their offerings

NIU College Parents' Group

The College Parents' Group is a support group for students who have children. The group has speakers, outings, camaraderie, food, and fun! Please visit the College Parents' Group website to get the most current information. You can also check out their brochure.

Other Student Parent Resources is a local, free, and private website for moms. Find the advice, referrals, and insight you need in a supportive community of moms helping moms. is a one-stop online shop with information about issues parents may face.

Resources for Fathers provides resources for soon-to-be fathers, fathers who are married, and single fathers.

Fathers' Forum Online provides resources for fathers including Single Fathers, Large Parenting Sites, Fathers' Resources, Child Specific, Family Oriented, Divorce Resources, Essays and Literature, Magazine and Newsletters, and International resources.