Organizational Sanctions

General information about sanctions

More than one (1) sanction may be imposed for any single violation.

In cases that involve policy violation(s) in which the outcome is subject to disclosure under The Clery Act or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, the Office of Community & Student Conduct shall notify the Accused Student or Recognized Student Organization and the Complainant of the outcome of the proceedings.

In each case for which an Administrative Hearing Officer or Organizational Conduct Board determines that a Recognized Student Organization has violated the Student Code of Conduct, the sanction(s) shall be determined and imposed by the appropriate Administrative Hearing Officer or Conduct Board.

Any sanction not completed by the deadline set by the Student Conduct Administrator or the Conduct Board may result in additional sanction(s). The Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct shall monitor the deadlines for sanction completion.

It is the philosophy and practice of the Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct to issue educational sanctions to students when and where appropriate.

Below is the link to the Community Standards & Student Conduct chart for sanctions imposed on Recognized Student Organizations who violate the NIU Student Code of Conduct

Organizational Sanction Grid (Link coming soon)