The mediation process

  1. A party calls the Mediation Hotline at 753-1571 to request a mediation session. The hotline is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If there is no answer, the call will be returned at the next possible convenience.
  2. The Mediation Coordinator obtains permission from the caller to contact the other party/parties involved.
  3. The Mediation Coordinator explains the mediation process to all parties involved.
  4. If both parties agree to mediate, mediators will be assigned.
  5. The Mediation Coordinator contacts each party and a mediation session is scheduled. A mediation session will usually last 1-4 hours. Most issues may be resolved in 1-2 sessions, though some complicated matters may take longer. Mediation will take place at the Mediation Office, in a private setting.
  6. If an agreement is reached, a signed copy of the agreement is given to each party.
  7. The Mediation Coordination will do a three-month follow-up or as requested.
  8. Adherence to the agreement is in the hands of the individuals.