Huskie Hero Award Nomination

Application deadline April 18, 2014, by 4:30 pm.

Section 1: Nominee Information

Name of Nominee:
(Note: Nominees can be individuals, departments, or groups)
Phone:  Email:
Department, Organization or Residence Hall:
Area of study/Major (for students):
Year in School:

Section 2: Comments

Please describe in a paragraph or two how the nominee has actively intervened or shown appropriate bystander behavior during the 2013-2014 school year. This can include intervening to help a friend in trouble, stepping up to voice their concern about a person or event or any other appropriate intervention. Please do not provide any names or identities/identifiers of the people involved other than the nominee’s name.

Section 3: Nominator Information

Submitted by:  Today's date:
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Huskie Heroes Award Reception date, time, and location to be determined.