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Undergraduate Programs

Communication Studies & Journalism Majors at Northern Illinois University

The Department of Communication offers both B.A. and B.S. degrees for majors in Communication Studies and in Journalism. Students may pursue a double major in Communication Studies and Journalism or choose to major in one area and elect a minor in the other or in any other field of study at NIU.

In addition, the department offers courses of study leading to a minor in Communication Studies, which can be tailored to meet a variety of interests including teacher certification; a minor in Journalism; and an interdisciplinary minor in Applied Communications which is offered jointly with the Department of English. Several of the department's lower-division courses can be used by non-majors toward fulfilling area requirements in the university's general education program. Courses in the department's curriculum may also be utilized in interdisciplinary minors such as International Relations or Women's Studies.
Students may pursue double majors or major and minor in the following combinations of areas:

For specific information about applications and admission criteria, please visit the Northern Illinois University web pages for new and transfer students: