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Undergraduate Programs

Journalism Undergraduate Program 

Journalism is the collection and distribution of current news and information. Journalists are involved in managing, editing or writing for newspapers, magazines and radio and television news departments. Journalists are also involved in advertising and public relations.

Journalism Program Overview

The journalism program provides students with a broad-based liberal arts education combined with an array of skills and theory courses. Skills courses teach students to gather, evaluate, publish and disseminate materials written, photographed or produced in writing, photography, layout and/or broadcasting courses. Theory and history courses educate students about the important role mass media play in society, and about their role in upholding the professional standards of journalism. The degree prepares students to function effectively in a multi-media and multi-cultural environment, and to pay attention to the ethics of communication. Majors may choose to take courses in print journalism (visual communication, photojournalism and desktop publishing), public relations, and broadcast news.

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