Undergraduate Programs

COMS 407 Practicum

All Communication Studies undergraduates are required to take one credit hour of 407.  It designed to offer practical experience in applied communication for majors/minors. For each hour of credit (up to 3) the student must plan and implement one project in cooperation with a faculty member.  Projects may be proposed by the student or selected from faculty projects in the following areas:

  1. Forensics: (No credit given for team participation.)  Credit projects include coaching, tutoring, tournament assistance, etc.
  2. Education: Projects include faculty assistance, material preparation, class presentations, etc.
  3. Laboratory: Projects include tutoring, learning materials, presentation, etc.
  4. Media Studies: Projects on developing and implementing community service projects utilizing student's media skills
  5. Other: One might assist in research or design a major-related project in consultation with a faculty member in COMS.
    Required for all majors, available for minors and approved "others." 

Grade basis is "regular" which is S/U (satisfactory, unsatisfactory).


  • One project for each credit hour earned.
  • Each project must involve approximately 45 hours work including prep and study time.
  1. Form(s)
  2. Approval of faculty member involved
  3. Approval of Undergraduate Director