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Graduate Program

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Master of Arts in Communication Studies - Media Studies


Media Studies Overview

Media Studies at NIU offers a diverse range of coursework emphasizing critical, theoretical, and production methods at the graduate level. Typical seminars in the curriculum examine the documentary tradition, film history and theory, narrative scriptwriting, gender in film and television, computer mediated communication, and documentary production.  Former graduate students have engaged in a wide array of activities.  Many have presented papers at academic conferences co-authored articles with faculty or received grant funding for their production projects from outside agencies.  Documentaries produced by graduate students have won major awards at national film festivals. An example of recent work by Andrew McCormick entitled “The Legendary Dee Palmer and His Fantastic Band

Media Studies Assistantships

There are teaching assistantships available with several media production classes that involve a range of pedagogical and curricular practices.  These include undergraduate studio production and field production courses.  Our Teaching Assistants are encouraged to be innovative and current in media production and related pedagogy.  Toward maintaining a vibrant environment, the department hosts an annual short film festival, Reality Bytes that graduate students participate in managing.

Facilities and Equipment

The production curriculum employs HD cameras and professional audio equipment.  Our editing facility uses the Final Cut Pro Suite.  All production facilities for media are Mac-based though the interactive media production is PC-based.  If you have additional questions concerning the Media Studies program please feel free to contact the area coordinator:  Laura Vazquez (lvazquez@niu.edu).