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About GradComm
Grad Comm is the Graduate Student Advisory Council for N.I.U.’s Communications Department. This sounds like a rather lofty and foreboding title. The fact is, however, that Grad Comm is anything but lofty or foreboding. The Grad Comm Executive consists of three elected second-year communications graduate students and two first-year elected representatives. We believe that our role is to help all students in the department enjoy the academic experience to as great a degree as we can. With this in mind, we plan various social events that any communications student may participate in.

Oh but we do much more than that. Grad Comm also sponsors and administrates voting procedures and ceremonies for the Excellence in Teaching Award. We also arrange for “brownbag lunchtime” and colloquium speakers who present exciting and informative speeches about topics of interest to all communications students.

Does that sound lofty? No, we do not think so either. But you want more? Okay, we also act as a liaison between the faculty and students. What we like to do is get together as a group and listen to descriptions of issues, both positive and negative, that the students might have, and then we convey these issues to the faculty. The professors at N.I.U. are very accessible, but Grad Comm believes that it helps, from time to time, to give students an amplified voice regarding issues of interest to them. Of course it is important to speak directly with your professors about course matters, but sometimes there may be issues that affect the student body as a whole and that is where Grad Comm can help communicate those issues to the faculty.

Oh, and did I mention social functions? Yes, I did but we at Grad Comm love to talk about them and you will love to attend them.

So, are we lofty and foreboding? No, we are just like you. We want to do all that we can to support our fellow students and have a great time doing it. That is what Grad Comm is all about.

As we said, there is nothing lofty about Grad Comm. Now, if we only served as representatives for TAs or RAs, that would be quite lofty. Grad Comm represents every communications student and each student can benefit from being involved with Grad Comm via committees (and we have lots of them), the aforementioned social events, attending speeches by some of the finest and most influential communications specialists on this planet. Okay, okay, okay, so that last remark does sound lofty, but true. In any case, we encourage every student to be a participant in Grad Comm’s mission to make the academic experience as enjoyable and productive as possible.