FAQs - How To

CD/DVD Duplicator Instructions

Quick Start:

  1. Power on the Duplicator and wait 4-5 seconds, until it recognizes all of the drives.
  2. Insert blank media (DVD-/+R, DVD-/+RW, or CD-R/RW) into the DVD/RW drives and the master DVD/CD (disk you want copied) into the DVD-ROM drive (bottom drive) and close the trays.
  3. Let the duplicator warm up for 4-5 seconds, until it reads the master DVD/CD, and the blank discs have been recognized. The LCD will display the number of blank media inserted and also information about the master disc.
  4. If you do not see "COPY" on the LCD screen. Press the "SET" button until "COPY" appears.
  5. Press the "RUN" (red) button.
  6. If there is an error, the LCD display panel will indicate where the error has occurred. You will be prompted to hit RUN to continue and both DVD's will be ejected automatically at the same time. Should this occur, please retry with a new DVD or CD media. If there is still an error, try another master DVD with new blank media to determine if there is an incompatibility issue with the Master material.
  7. When the duplication is complete, there will be a beep sound from teh drive and only the media in the DVD and only the in the DVD-/+RW drives will be ejected. Repeating the process beginning at step 1 can produce new copies