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Shupei Yuan

Assistant Professor
PRSSA co-faculty advisor


Ph.D. (Michigan State University)
Specialties: Science communication, strategic science communication training, public relations for science, persuasion.

Latest Publications

  • Peng, Wei., Yuan, S., Ma, W. (Accepted). Moderating Effects of App Type on Intention of Continued Use of Mobile Apps among Young Adults. International Journal of Mobile Communications. 
  • Besley, J.C., Dudo, A., & Yuan, S. (2017). Scientists’ views about communication objectives. Public Understanding of Science. (ahead-of-print).
  • Yuan, S., Besley, J.C. (2017). Talking aggressively about GMOs? Examining the effect of aggressive risk communication with communicator’s facial expression and gender. Journal of Risk Research, 1-16.
  • Yuan,S., Oshita, T., AbiGhannam, N., Dudo, A., Besley, J.C., Koh, H.E. (2017). Two-way communication between scientists and the public: a view from science communication trainers in North America. International Journal of Science Education, Part B. (ahead-of-print).
  • Kononova, A., Yuan, S. (2017). Take a break: Examining college students’ multitasking activities during a study- or work- related task. Journalism and Mass Communication Educator. 72(2), 183-197.
  • Peng, W., Kanthawala,S., Yuan, S., Hussain, S. (2016). A qualitative study of user perceptions of health and fitness mobile apps: Perceived benefits and barriers. BMC Public Health, 16(1), 1158.
  •  Kononova, A., Joo, E., Yuan, S. (2016). To switch or not to switch: Voluntary and forced multitasking with Facebook hinders recognition memory for the primary online task. Computers in Human Behavior, 65, 567-575.
  • Yuan, S., Besley, J., Lou, C. (2016). Does being a jerk work? Examining the effect of aggressive communication in the context of science blogs. Journal of Risk Research. (ahead-of-print) (IF: 1.027)
  • Besley, J., Dudo, A., Yuan,S., Ghannam, N. (2016). Qualitative Interviews with Science Communication Trainers about Communication Objectives and Goals. Science Communication, 38(3), 356-381.
  • Kononova, A., Yuan, S., Joo, E. (2016). The effects of argument quality, multitasking with Facebook, and polychronicity on health-protective behavioral intentions: reading about the flu online. Health Communication. (ahead-of-print)
  • Peng, W., Yuan, S., Holtz, B. (2016). Exploring the challenges and opportunities of health mobile apps for individuals with Type 2 diabetes: a qualitative study. Journal of Telemedicine and eHealth, 22(9), 733-738.
  • Yuan, S., Hussain, S., Hales, K., Cotten, S. (2016). What do they like? Communication preferences and patterns of older adults in the U.S.: The role of technology. Educational Gerontology, 42(3), 163-174.
  • Yuan, S., Ma, W., Kanthawala, S., Peng, W. (2015).  Keep using my health apps: Discover users’ perception of health and fitness apps with the UTAUT2 model. Journal of Telemedicine and eHealth, 21(9), 735-741.
  • Kononova, A., Yuan, S. (2015). Double-dipping effect? How combing YouTube environmental PSAs with thematically congruent advertisement in different formats affects memory and attitude. Journal of Interactive Advertising, 15(1), 2-15

Shupei Yuan

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