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Karen Whedbee

Associate Professor
Media Studies


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Specialties Freedom of speech; history of the public forum; material culture and memory studies; communication ethics; history of rhetoric; historical & critical methods.

Selected Publications

  • Whedbee, K. (2016). “Preservation, Restoration, and Accessibility of Popular Culture Materials.” In A Companion to Popular Culture. Edited by Gary Burns. Wiley-Blackwell. Pages 63-82.
  • Whedbee, K. (2008). “Making the Worse Case Appear the Better: British Reception of the Greek Sophists Prior to 1850.” Rhetoric & Public Affairs 11(4): 603-630.
  • Whedbee, K. (2008). “In Other’s Words: Plagiarism as Deceptive Communication.” Ethics in Human Communication. By Richard L. Johannesen, Kathleen S. Valde, and Karen E. Whedbee. Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press. Pages 283-292.
  • Whedbee, K. (2007). “An English Plato: J.S. Mill’s Gorgias.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 37: 19-41.
  • Whedbee, K. (2005). “Authority and Critical Reason: George Grote’s Defense of Democratic Justice.” Victorians Institute Journal 33: 97-115.
  • Whedbee, K. (2004). “J.S. Mill on Rhetoric and Poetry.” Advances in the History of Rhetoric 7: 17-29.
  • Whedbee, K. (2004). “Reclaiming Rhetorical Democracy: George Grote’s Defense of Cleon and the Athenian Demagogues.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 34.4: 71-95.
  • Whedbee, K. (2003). “The Tyranny of Athens: Representations of Rhetorical Democracy in Eighteenth-Century Britain.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 33.4: 65-85.
  • Whedbee, K. (2001). “Perspective by Incongruity in Norman Thomas’s ‘Some Wrong Roads to Peace.’” Western Journal of Communication 65.1: 45-64.
  • Whedbee, K. (1998). “Authority, Freedom, and Liberal Judgment: The Presumptions and Presumptuousness of Whately, Mill, and Tocqueville.” Quarterly Journal of Speech 84.2: 171-89.

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