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Betty La France

Organizational / Corporate Communication


Ph.D. (Michigan State University)
Specialty: Quantitative research methods. Social influence during interpersonal interactions including sexual interactions

Latest Publications

  • Hall, J. A., & La France, B. H. (2013). How context matters: Predicting men’s homophobic slang use. Journal of Language and Social Psychology.
  • Hall, J. A., & La France, B. H. (2012). “That’s Gay”: Sexual prejudice, gender identity, norms, and homophobic communication. Communication Quarterly, 60, 1-24.
  • La France, B. H. (2010a). Predicting sexual satisfaction in interpersonal relationships. Southern Communication Journal, 75, 195-214.
  • La France, B. H. (2010b). What verbal and nonverbal communication cues lead to sex? An analysis of the traditional sexual script. Communication Quarterly, 58, 297-318.
  • La France, B. H., Henningsen, D. D., Oates, A., & Shaw, C. M. (2009). Social-sexual interactions?: Meta-analyses of sex differences in perceptions of flirtatiousness, seductiveness, and promiscuousness. Communication Monographs,76, 263-285.

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