COMS 100

COMS 100 Videotape Speech Assignment

One requirement for the course is to videotape a speech, designated by your instructor, as part of the preparation for giving that speech in class. Videotaping and evaluation of the tape have proven to be the most powerful single learning technique for speech presentation available. It is used extensively in corporate training programs. The amount of preparation prior to videotaping and your willingness to view this as a learning opportunity directly impacts the benefits you will reap from this experience.

How to schedule your videotaping:

The Videotaping is scheduled to take place in the Wilderman Lab Watson 228. You will schedule your appointment by coming to the lab and signing up in the appointment book. Appointments for videotaping must be made before delivering the speech in class. Your teacher will let you know which speech must be videotaped and when to make your appointment.

The Wilderman Lab is open for Coms 100 students Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Friday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. When you sign up to videotape, a mutual commitment is being made. We commit to having equipment, space and people available; you commit to keeping the appointment. If you miss your scheduled appointment as a result of an emergency, it is your responsibility to re-schedule prior to giving your speech in class. If you request to reschedule, we cannot guarantee appointments will be available prior to your speech presentation deadline. The best advice is to complete this requirement early. If an emergency arises and you cannot keep your commitment, please talk with your instructor.


When it is time to tape, go to the Wilderman Lab, Watson 228. Arrive a few minutes early; promptness is important for at least two reasons:

1. You don't want to be late because we are operating on a tight schedule, and

2. You'll probably want to have some time to sit and relax before you begin taping your speech. If, for any reason, you are late for your appointment, the lab interns reserve the right to reschedule your videotaping session. We will not compromise the length or quality of other appointments to accommodate your lateness.

Check in at the desk of the Lab as soon as your arrive. Be sure to identify yourself as a Coms 100 student so that you get the proper assistance. You will receive a self-evaluation form from the person at the desk to use when you review the tape. The lab intern will direct you to the videotaping area, check the equipment and begin recording. The lab intern is a senior Communication Studies Major who volunteered to do this work for internship credit and has received training in responding to speeches of various kinds.
After recording your speech, the lab intern will normally have time to provide you with feedback about your speech along with your own review of your taped speech. While the speech is altogether your responsibility, you may want to take his/her reactions into account as you make revisions for the final classroom presentation.
Fill out the self-evaluation form after you view your speech. Please be as conscientious, accurate and objective as you can. Have the lab intern assisting you initial the form after you have completed the form. You will turn in your self-evaluation, initialed by the assistant, to your instructor when you give your speech.
Your taped speech will be saved until your instructor reviews the videotape; after which it will be erased.
Finally, there may be some unscheduled times throughout the semester. You may sign-up for those times to videotape your other speeches in addition to the one assigned to you