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Oral Communication Foundational Studies Compentency Examination Application Form

The test is given in DuSable 252.

Please fill out the following form. All fields are required.

updated 09/06/17

Are you Graduating at the end of this semester?

Please read and agree to the information below:

The Oral Communication Foundational Studies Competency Examination is a two‐part exam that will test my ability to listen to messages as well as give a 6‐8 minute persuasive speech. I realize that while the pass rate between the two part of the exams may vary from semester to semester, the average pass rate of the exam for both parts is roughly 25 to 30%. I realize that I may not pass this examination and will be required to take a COMS 100 course. I also realize that there is no appeal process to this examination. The exam is provided as a courtesy of the Department of Communication and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to provide a way for people who have mastered the skills taught in COMS 100 a way to test out of the course.

I realize that I must show up on time to take Part I. If I show up late or don't show up at all, I will need to reregister for Part I of the exam. If I pass Part I, I realize that the date/time assigned to me for Part II cannot be changed. If I don't show up for Part II, I will automatically fail the test and will need to register for a COMS 100 course. I also realize that I can only take the exam one time.

I realize that I must be currently enrolled at NIU to take the examination. I also realize that if I had taken COMS 100 or attempted COMS 100, I cannot take this exam. I understand that my NIU records will be checked for COMS 100 enrollment. Any notification of such enrollment or not being enrolled at NIU will void my application for this exam.

I have read, understand and agree to the information above:

COMS 100 Advising

Ferald Bryan
(815) 753-7100

Helena Sivits
COMS 100P Coordinator
(815) 753-6999

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