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Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be grouped into session according to their subject area.  Speakers will be required by session chairs to adhere to allocated time limits. Exact time allocation for each presentation will be posted on this site as time comes closer.

Audiovisual equipment will be available to each presentation room. It would be a good idea to bring your presentation on a CD or memory stick and upload the presentation before the start of your session. Should you elect to bring your own computer, you will be responsible for computer set-up in the meeting room and any time used will be deducted from your presentation time.

Detailed instructions for oral presentations

Poster Presentations

Poster authors must be available at their poster during their session's Question & Answer period. Please follow these guidelines while preparing your poster.

  • Landscape (4:3 ratio): Width = 1.2 m, Height = 0.9m and  Portrait (4:3 ratio): Width = 1m, Height = 1.33m.  Be prepared with your own material (push pins and velcro) to secure items to the boards.
  • Each poster is required to contain the title of the paper, abstract, the name(s) of the author(s) and a copy of your abstract in large type.
  • Use a large font size and bullet your major points.  Text should be printed in fonts of about 3/8" height.
  • Keep the text to a minimum – it will be difficult to follow if there is too much text.
  • Attractive charts, tables and graphics will greatly increase the effectiveness of any poster. Illustrations and tables should be kept relatively simple to maximize legibility.  Avoid "artsy" style and keep captions brief.
  • Lines in graphs should be heavy.  Choose colors that are easily distinguishable from one another.  Symbols, letters and numbers should be large enough to be seen from a distance of six feet.
  • It's easier to read a poster if the information is arranged in vertical columns rather than horizontal strips.