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Jessy Grizzle, University of Michigan, USA

Title: Feedback Control of Planar Bipedal Locomotion

Abstract: Feedback control methods for achieving very robust dynamic balance in bipedal robots will be presented. The emphasis will be on MABEL, a planar (2D) robot with series compliant actuation in the ``knee'' joints, that was designed by Jonathan Hurst. MABEL has 1 m long legs and a mass of 65 kg. The robot can handle unplanned, unseen, step-down disturbances of 20 cm, step-up disturbances of 12 cm, and can run a 9 minute mile. The talk will conclude with preliminary analysis of a spatial (3D) robot ATRIAS whose construction will be finished in late summer 2012 (also built by J. Hurst, Oregon State University). Videos of MABEL and ATRIAS are available on YouTube.